Festival of Thinkers
The fifth Festival of Thinkers conference is organised by the Higher Colleges of Technology, providing a platform to foster and celebrate thinking, inspiring the youth of the region, and allowing thinkers from around the world to come together and share their ideas and thoughts.
Inspired Thinking … Fresh Perspectives

Welcome to the Festival of Thinkers

The Festival of Thinkers conference in the United Arab Emirates is an opportunity to celebrate innovative ideas that inspire collaborative actions.

The Festival will be dedicated to the ongoing celebration of the power and importance of thinking. It will focus on the role of scientists, academics, leaders and thinkers in the renewal and progress of human societies. That is, there will be a focus on their roles in generating ideas, solving problems, sustaining the environment, promoting health in the world’s communities and nurturing the values of global peace and understanding.

Confirmed Nobel Laureates participating in Festival of Thinkers 2013 include:

Professor Martin Chalfie

Chemistry 2008,

Professor Klaus von Klitzing

Physics 1985,

Sir Harold W. Kroto

Chemistry 1996,

Professor Yuan Tseh Lee

Chemistry 1986

Dr Mohamed ElBaradei

Peace 2005,

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